We looking for distributors for disposable diapers/nappies for babies and adults. These diapers are made in the U.S.A.

Video of diaper samples and sizes:

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Diabetics Food and Diet Line

We are specialized in dehydrated food preparations since 1993, and offers you a range of traditional or dietary products, addressing expectations of the mass food distribution industry:
Easy handling. Long-term storage. Time-saving. Genuine flavors.

In order to satisfy you better, our manufactures seeks for a complete panoply of products in a site meeting European standards, pursuant to your requirements and regulatory hurdles: Comprehensive traceability. Quality control. Professional and dynamic sales force. Tailored logistics.
, Our products are reserved to hospitals, clinics and mass food distribution. The strongest trigger is the Sucaflore, 5 years ago by our laboratories in France develop the combination of the protein of Soya enriched with salt of potassium and oligofructoses. It is therefore a mixture of soluble fibers and proteins of Soya guaranteed without OGM and 100 % natural as all our products. Besides, Sucaflore was tested by scientific comity of the French association of the diabetics and represent the first food product « Partner of the French association of diabetes ».

Located in an industrial site, certified by the medical services management, providing the most advanced equipments, products are in accordance with the HACCP standards.
We address your expectations by providing you moreover with handling and packaging tailored to your needs. At last, our manufacture creates any instantaneous dehydrated product upon your request.
Soups (broth, velouté or cream soup, vermicelli soup). Dishes and side-dishes (salad starters, ready meals, pâtés, flavors and spices, culinary aids). Sauces and stock-based sauces (dehydrated, concentrated, spreads). Desserts (mousses, entremets, creams, cakes).
Other products (topping, spices, cookies).

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