About Us

Lanetrade is a specialized international trading company, providing comprehensive coverage in several market segments around the world. Lanetrade provides representation and brokerage services for companies interested in maximizing business results, representing buyers and sellers with a unique results-oriented and global approach.

Our expertise in commercial representation derives from our history as a research company, expanded into import and export transactions, and now, consolidated into a full commercial service provider. This includes international sales and purchases, for large and mid-size private companies. In short, we can find, promote, research, and trade products with high return, regardless of quantity or volume. Our primary focus is on transaction quality.

We work with both buyers and suppliers in five continents connecting ends, providing solutions, and fostering the most effective transactions. Lanetrade LLC. is an American company with base in Miami, Florida, and associate offices in São Paulo, Brazil, the financial hub for South America. This unique combination brings extended value for companies dealing and seeking information on products and markets in the region.

We have a great line of food for diabetics and diet to develop and distribute. One of the number one in Europe. 100 % Natural.

Instant Coffee with your own brand and Green Coffee with one of the largest exports in Brazil.

We hope to fill your demands in business and we have choosen to deal with people and manufactors we do trust and can provide the best for you.

Porto de Santos, Brazil is the port of origin for our sugar products:

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